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Sotec offers a complete product line of fire detection and alarm systems from a variety of manufacturers.  All equipment carries third-party approval (UL, FM, USCG, ABS, DNV).

Utilizing a variety of devices such as smoke, thermal and flame detectors, manual pull stations, and notification devices such as alarm horns and strobes, a customized system is created for each specific project.  All systems are engineered to comply with applicable local, national and international regulatory agencies. 

Conventional fire detection systems offer a low cost approach to quality fire protection needs.  These “zoned” type systems are available from most equipment manufacturers for small to medium applications.  A field device alerts the control unit to indicate that a section of the facility being protected is in an alarm or fault condition.  The control panel processes this information and provides subsequent alarm and control outputs. Kidde and Fireboy are two manufacturers that produce conventional zone type panels.  Some models also provide capability for release of fire suppression agent in a local protected area.

Aegis 2.0 Fire Detection System


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