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Fixed Foam System


Sotec provides fixed foam systems for a variety of applications.  The fixed foam firefighting system is designed for simple and rapid operation.

The foam liquid tank, pump and proportioner will normally be situated in a foam room, and foam delivery capacity will be sized according to the hazard the system protects and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. The foam liquid is stored in a steel-pressure vessel, sometimes with an internal bladder better known as a "bladder tank".

The number, capacity and exact location of required monitors are calculated as part of the total design of the system.  In an offshore application, for example, the monitors and hand lines will always be situated on the helideck deck, while the other monitors generally are located near production and product storage areas, in order to give the best possible protection.


Sotec represents a number of manufacturers that provide this type of equipment.  Chemguard and Ansul are examples of manufacturers that have extensive involvement in these types of systems.

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