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Specialty Detection Systems

Speciality Detection fire detection systems include technologies such as optical fire detection products, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) systems, and linear heat detection systems.

Flame detectors include a variety of model types, including triple and multi-spectrum IR type units as well as combination UV/IR detectors.  These units can be connected to detection systems either by contact outputs, 4 – 20 ma analog signals or via intelligent connections such as Modbus and HART.  Manufacturers that provide these types of devices include Honeywell, Autronica, General Monitors, MSA, Spectrex and Detector Electronics

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) systems generally consist of a laser particle counter detector head, a high efficiency fan module and a termination board. These systems are connected to a pipe smoke sampling network designed using proprietary software.

They are generally designed for early warning smoke detection applications such as telecommunications facilities, data processing facilities, museums and warehouses.  The Kidde AIR-Intelligence system is an example of this type of detection technology.

Linear heat detection such as the Kidde LHS system provides a means to detect high heat events over a long distance, such as warehouses and conveyors.  These systems are interfaced to a control panel to provide specific information regarding the high heat situation.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection
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