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Addressable, Intelligent Fire Detection Systems

Addressable, Intelligent Fire Detection Systems provide the customer with a sophisticated, reliable means of fire detection for medium to large sized projects.  All equipment carries a third party approval (UL, FM, USCG, ABS, DNV).

These systems employ the use of addressable devices that report unique status and message information to the control panel. The interface to these devices is a data communication circuit, transmitting information to the control panel for subsequent output control.  The control panels maintain an event log that can be accessed to review a history of activity within the system.  Advanced diagnostics can be retrieved via a password protected menu on the panel front.  All device configuration and logic is fully programmable which allows for total customization to meet the end user’s needs. 

The Autronica Autrosafe, Detector Electronics EQP Premier, Kidde ARIES, Fireboy Syncro and Mircom Pro2000 and are examples of full feature, intelligent type panels.  Some of these models also can add gas detection to provide an integrated fire and gas detection solution.  Sotec has the engineering and assembly capabilities of integrating fire and gas detections into a custom fire and gas protection enclosure.


These systems are fully tested in our New Orleans facility and delivered to customers worldwide.

Autrosafe 4 Integrated Fire and Gas Panel

AutroSafe 4 integrated fire

and gas (IFG) panels

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