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Marine Engine Room
Sotec supplies USCG-approved marine high-pressure carbon-dioxide (CO2) suppression systems which are typically installed to protect engine rooms, pump rooms, incinerator rooms, generator rooms, cargo holds and paint lockers and other small storage areas from fire.

All of the systems are manually operated from either a remote station (away from the cylinder storage area) or at the local station (beside the storage cylinders).

There are three basic design types. The first type includes small systems (less than three hundred pounds of CO2) usually used for paint lockers or other small unmanned areas. A second type consists of a single bank of cylinders protecting a single area, and the third type is a single bank of cylinders protecting multiple areas.  

The banked systems employ a remote actuation station, a local station, a stop (selector) valve, lock-out valve, odorizer and a timer to delay the stop valve opening. These systems operate on a two-stage principle. The first stage activates all of the cylinders in the bank and fills the manifold up to the stop valve. The second stage allows CO2 to flow into the timer and subsequently actuate the stop valve which in turn releases CO2 into the protected area.   

The multi-zone systems employ a stop valve specific to each zone protected and may also employ controlled release of cylinders, via non-return valves in the actuator line, to discharge an appropriate quantity of gas into the proper area.  

Manufacturers such as Ansul and Kidde provide marine systems such as those described above.

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